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New bin service - 7 things you need to know

New service starting in September

We’re binning the bags – 7 things you need to know

New service starting in September

Auckland Council is introducing a rubbish bin service in the former Manukau City Council area.

  1. The rubbish bin replaces rubbish bags. You can put rubbish into any bag and place it in the bin, or put rubbish loosely into the bin.
  2. Each household will be supplied with a standard rubbish bin for rubbish (120 litre). This holds enough rubbish for a weekly collection for the majority of Auckland households.
  3. There will be no changes to current rubbish collection days.
  4. This service is rates funded and residents will pay no additional charges for the standard 120 litre bin.
  5. Bins will be delivered up until when the new service starts in September 2017.
  6. Collection services using the new rubbish bin will begin from the week starting 4 September 2017. Once this new service begins, only rubbish in the bin will be collected.
  7. Larger 240L bin: If you did not request a larger bin before Friday 31 March, you will receive the standard sized bin before collections start in September.

Need a larger bin?

If you are the property owner or landlord you are able to request a larger bin here.

You will be sent an invoice requiring payment of $55 before the larger bin is delivered. This is an ongoing annual charge to be included in your rates. We recommend trying the smaller to see if it suits your needs before requesting a larger bin.

For more information, phone 09 928 0934.