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5 recycling myths - BUSTED

Published: Tuesday 17 January 2017

We take a look at the 5 most common myths around recycling and BUST them

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Holiday collection date changes

Published: Monday 12 December 2016

Remember your rubbish and recycling collection dates change over Easter. Check your collection day here.

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Auckland Council introduces rural recycling bins

Published: Tuesday 25 October 2016

Recycling will be significantly easier from next week for residents in rural Franklin, with th...

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Six benefits of Bokashi

Published: Thursday 13 October 2016

If you’re looking for an easy, non-stinky way to manage your food scraps then Bokashi may be t...

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Auckland’s rubbish bags are going orange

Published: Wednesday 12 October 2016

Auckland Council is making it easier and more convenient for you to buy and use our prepaid rubbish bags.

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Magical makeover to showcase zero waste

Published: Wednesday 12 October 2016

Anew bug hotel, a cycle-powered water sculpture and railings made from golf clubs are part of a magical makeover to showcase zero waste.

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Funding available to prevent food waste

Published: Tuesday 20 September 2016

FACT: About 40 per cent of what the average household puts out in their rubbish each week is food waste, which goes to landfill. What’s more, avoidable food waste costs the average household $563 a year, with Kiwis spending an estimated $872 million a year on food that then gets thrown away uneaten.

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Watch: Communities making the most of waste

Published: Friday 2 September 2016

Working towards a zero waste Auckland by 2040 is no easy task. Auckland Council suppor...

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$500,000 fund for ideas to reduce waste

Published: Thursday 1 September 2016

Auckland Council is looking for creative ideas to raise awareness and support Aucklanders to m...

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Young Aucklander champions plastic-free kuapa

Published: Friday 12 August 2016

To celebrate the sustainability theme of this year’s International Youth Day (12 August), 17-y...

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