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Auckland’s rubbish bags are going orange

Published: Thursday 22 February 2018

Auckland Council is making it easier and more convenient for you to buy and use our prepaid rubbish bags.

From 1 November, whether you live on the North Shore, or in Waitākere, Papakura or Franklin, you can use the same prepaid rubbish bag in any of these areas.

There is no change to how you dispose of rubbish if you live in Auckland central, Manukau or Rodney.

Orange rubbish bag

More choice

Auckland Council’s new rubbish bags will be available in a choice of two sizes, 60 litre or 40 litre, as singles or five packs. The 60L orange bag will have a recommended retail price (RRP) of $1.95, and the 40L orange bag will be RRP $1.50. 

Recycling as much as you can and composting food scraps and leftovers are two easy ways to reduce how much you send to landfill.

Changes in your area

In Waitākere, customers will see their council rubbish bags change from grey to orange.

In Papakura, the red council rubbish bags will be replaced by the new orange bag.

Franklin residents will no longer need to buy rubbish bags and official blue rubbish stickers. Instead, they can just buy the new orange prepaid bags.

On the North Shore, residents’ rubbish bags will stay orange, but the design on the bag will change.
You can keep using existing bags or blue stickers until you run out as we’ll keep picking them up until 29 February 2016.

Remember, from 1 November the new orange rubbish bags will be available to purchase from usual retail outlets, including supermarkets and convenience stores.

Selected Auckland Council service centres and libraries will sell them too.