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Henderson Valley, Northern Waitakere Ranges, and Te Henga

Your collection day for the new recycling service will be on a Wednesday

Published: Thursday 22 February 2018

From 1 July your collection day falls on a Wednesday. Your first collection will be on Wednesday 13 July and fortnightly thereafter.

What you need to do:
•Use your new green recycling wheelie bin for collections after 1 July
•Put paper and cardboard in your recycling bin, but please no plastic bags
•Go to to tell us what you would like to do with your previous bin
To help with remembering your first collection date, simply free text your address to 3169 and we’ll send you a text reminder the day prior to your first collection.

Incorrect sticker on your bin:
Your recycling and orange bag council rubbish collection day differs from the information on your bin.

The collection day on your bin sticker is incorrect, please disregard it. We apologise for any confusion and inconvenience this has caused.

Your bin currently has a white sticker on the side, informing the collector what schedule you are on. We are providing new stickers to go over these, which will be replaced by the collector in July – you aren’t required to do anything.

Please note:
Your collection day may be a different to other residences in your neighborhood, which fall within a different collection route. They may be included in the Bethells Beach collection route. 

Definition of Greater Bethells: Henderson Valley, Northern Waitakere Ranges, and Te Henga:

Swanson road- between the intersection with Christian Road and the intersection with Waitakere road.
Waitakere road- from the intersection with Swanson road up to No. 105 (odd side) and up to No. 58 (even side) at the intersection with Bethells road.
Candia road from No. 43 up until the intersection with Henderson Valley road. Streets following on from Candia road (Coulter road, Vineyard road, Perris Road, , Drower road, O’Neills road, Seibel road, Simpson road (numbers 112 and above only)).
Christian road, Tram Valley road, and Welsh Hills road.
Scenic drive from no. 873 up to the intersection with Waitakere road. Rangimarie road, Puketaha road, Range road, Kitewaho road, and Awhiorangi promenade, Te Henga road, Unity road, Falls road, Aio Wira road.
Bethells road from the intersection with Waitakere road, up to No. 145. Streets following on from Bethells road- ANZAC Valley road, Wendy road, Steed road, Duffy road, Steam Hauler track, Stoney Creek drive, Long road, Te Aute Ridge road, and Kokako grove.
Wairere road and following streets- Arrowsmith road, Gregory road, Caton road, Mildon road, Horsman road, and Jonkers road.

For more information on collection days please click here