Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

Keep your bin for council’s new paid rubbish service

New service coming 2017

Good news! We are planning for the new paid rubbish bin collection service in the North Shore and Waitakere to be launched in 2017.

The new recycling service with bigger green bins has been introduced throughout the North Shore, Waitakere, Rodney and Hibiscus Coast. 

Council is planning to offer residents in the North Shore and Waitakere the opportunity to re-use their old blue recycling bin as a rubbish bin for a council operated rubbish collection service.

The council rubbish bin collection will be an easy, paid for service and will be separate to rates.    

Re-using your blue bin will ensure it is not wasted and your collections for rubbish and recycling will be on the same day.  

Further details including our competitive pricing will be available when we launch the service.

Register your details here

We encourage you to go online and register your expression of interest. By doing this you will receive updates as they become available. Please click here. Please note by registering you are not signing up for the new service.

Pick up my old blue bin 

If you don’t wish to keep the blue bin for the new rubbish bin collection service starting 2017, please click here to enter your details. 

Please note that ownership of the old recycling bins remains with Auckland Council.