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Recycling changes from 3 July

For residents in central and south Auckland

From Monday 3 July, new contractors will start collecting recycling in central and south Auckland.

Most people’s collection days will not change. However, you may notice your recycling is collected at a new time of day.

To make sure no one misses out; we’re asking you to please make sure your recycling is kerbside by 7am on your usual collection day. You can put your bin out the night before if this is easier for you.

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Papakura, Franklin and Waiuku – recycling week or day changes

A small group of residents in Papakura, Franklin and Waiuku have been contacted directly about changes to their recycling collection week or day. These changes start from Monday 3 July.

If you are among these people, you should have received a letter from Auckland Council telling you about the changes. This will list your new collection dates.

You can also check our collection day search at any time to remind you what day to put your rubbish and recycling out.

Rubbish collection days do not change.

Some people may have a three week gap between recycling collections. This will only happen once before you return to a regular fortnightly collection. If you do have too much recycling to fit in your bin, you can:

  • ask neighbours, or nearby family and friends, if they have space in their recycling bin
  • keep some recycling to put out in the next collection
  • drop recyclable items off for free at a nearby transfer station or community recycling centre. We recommend you contact the centre directly for opening hours and accepted items.

Is anything else changing?

You might also spot a new recycling truck fleet in central and south Auckland.

The new trucks feature Auckland Council’s recycling mascots Tin Can and Plastic providing helpful reminders about getting it right on recycling day.

The new recycling trucks will be on the streets from Monday 3 July.

The new contractors operating recycling services in central and south Auckland are JJ Richards, Envirowaste and Smart Environmental.

Can I still recycle the same things?

For most of us in central and south Auckland, the new trucks and a different collection time will be the only noticeable changes to our recycling service.

You can continue to recycle containers from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, including plastic bottles and containers, glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, and paper and cardboard as well as milk and juice cartons (such as Tetra Pak®).

Remember though, you can’t put plastic shopping bags (full or empty) in your Auckland Council recycling bin or other soft (scrunchable) plastic. Many supermarkets now have collection bins for these items.

Check what can and can’t go in your recycling bin with our recycle search tool.