Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

Community composting courses

According to the Auckland Council Waste Assessment, half of a typical household's weekly waste is can be composted, rather than sent to landfills. Composting is a great way to keep the goodness in your garden and it's easier and cleaner than you may have thought.

Auckland Council provides support to help you get composting with workshops held regularly around the region. These free and informative courses introduce you to three of the most popular methods: traditional composting, bokashi bin and worm farming.  To find out more visit the Compost Collective

Some Community Gardens around Auckland will accept food or bokashi scraps, and always welcome a helping hand. Find your local garden (you can zoom in, or type in the name of your suburb in the search bar), then get in touch with the contact person listed there to see what waste materials they might accept, and how you can get involved.

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