Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

Frequently asked questions

What’s changing

1)    What is changing and who is affected?

Auckland Council is introducing one prepaid rubbish bag for use in areas where a council prepaid rubbish bag/official blue sticker service is currently offered. This change affects residents in the legacy council areas of North Shore, Waitakere, Franklin and Papakura.

2)    What sizes and options are available to buy and how much do they cost?

Residents on the North Shore, in Waitakere, Papakura and Franklin will be able to choose from a 60L or 40L single bag, or buy five packs of either size bag. Recommended retail prices are: 60L single bag $1.95; 40L single bag $1.50; 60L five pack $9.65; and 40L five pack $7.25.

3)    Where can I buy the new orange prepaid council rubbish bags from?

The new Auckland Council orange prepaid rubbish bags will be available to purchase from your usual retailer, from 1 November 2015. This includes supermarkets, dairies, superettes and service stations in the four areas where the bag is used (North Shore, Waitakere, Papakura and Franklin). You can also buy the rubbish bags from selected Auckland Libraries and Auckland Council service centres within these areas, as well as some Auckland inner CBD retailers.

4)    What do you mean by ‘prepaid rubbish bag’

This means the cost of collecting and disposing of the full bag of rubbish is paid for when you buy the bag, rather than at the time of collection or through your rates.


Previous bags/stickers

1)    Can I keep using my supply of the previous rubbish bags or stickers?

Yes, if you have supplies of the previous bags or stickers, please use them first.

Inner CBD rubbish bags

1)    What happens to the rubbish bags used in Auckland’s inner CBD?

Please continue to use your existing red rubbish bags until your current supply is finished. You will receive supplies of the new orange rubbish bags with your next delivery of recycling bags in February 2016.

2)    Will stores in the inner CBD sell the new rubbish bags? How much will they be?

If you run out of rubbish bags before your next delivery, you can buy more of the new orange rubbish bags from selected inner CBD dairies and convenience stores or at the Auckland Council Service Centre, Bledisloe House, 24 Wellesley Street, Auckland. You can buy a five pack, including two rubbish bags and three recycling bags here, or 60L single bag or 40L single bags.

3)    Will I be able to buy single recycling bags?

No, single recycling bags will not be available to buy.


1)    I live in Auckland central or Manukau. Do I need to start buying rubbish bags instead now?

No, you should continue to use your wheelie bin in Auckland central or put out your regular rubbish bag(s) if you live in Manukau.

2)    Why are you changing the rubbish bags? I thought Auckland Council was introducing wheelie bins across the region.

It is more convenient for you, our customer because now you can buy rubbish bags in more places. It also means everyone pays the same price for council rubbish bags. We are working on plans to introduce a pay as you throw wheelie bin service across the region in the future.

3)    Why do I have to pay for rubbish bags when I pay for rubbish collection in my rates?

All rateable properties in Auckland are charged a waste management targeted rate, which funds the rubbish, recycling and inorganic services in that area (where applicable). The funding sourced from prepaid rubbish bag sales is taken into account when calculating this rate. Areas where rubbish collection is funded through bag sales will have lower waste management rates.