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Three things you need to know about recycling changes

Published: Wednesday 2 November 2016

This July sees us take a massive step forward in the streamlining of Auckland’s different recycling services with the North Shore, Rodney and Hibiscus Coast and Waitakere moving to the same system as other parts of Auckland.

So if you live in any of these areas – or know someone who does – what do you need to know? 

Three good things about the recycling changes

1. Co-mingling – no more bundling paper and cardboard separately, but please - no  plastic bags!
2. Tetra Pak ® packaging can now go in your recycling.
3. Larger bins – bin size has increased by 71% in Waitakere and the North Shore which means you can recycle even more.

Three things that may irritate you (and what you can do about it)

1. New collection days – we know it’s a pain, but here’s what you can do to make it easier:
• Check your new date on the calendar in the info pack that came with the bin
• Use the collection search tool 
• Text your address to 3169 and a reminder will be texted the day prior to collection.

2. I had a perfectly good recycling bin – what am I supposed to do with it?
• Your old recycling bin has recycled itself. It can now be used as a waste bin for a brand new refuse collection that launches early 2017. Until then it’s yours to use for whatever you like. For more information, to register for updates or to request that your old bin be collected click here
• If you’re in Rodney feel free to keep your crate and use it around the house or garden. Alternatively you can drop it off for free at a transfer station or see if a local school is interested in taking it.

3. It’s all really confusing and difficult.
• Yes – and we’re sorry. It’s a lot of change to happen at once and we’ve been working hard to make the transition to the new recycling service as seamless as possible – but there will be teething problems. The purpose of this rollout is to have consistent waste services across Auckland Council and we’re asking people to bear with us while we get there.