Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

What you need to know

When – Key Dates

Tip Shop closes

29 June 2019

Drop-off points close

30 June 2019

Community Recycling Centre opens at Claris Landfill site

1 July 2019

Rubbish bags available to be collected from Service Centre

1 July 2019

Gate fees introduced at Claris Landfill

1 July 2019

Wheelie bins to be delivered to properties

29 July to 4 August 2019

Start using your new rubbish bags or wheelie bin

5 August 2019

GB bin options.jpg

Why are the new waste services coming in?

  • Better for the environment – New waste services are part of the Hauraki Gulf Islands Waste plan to lead the island on the path towards zero waste to landfill.  These services will encourage people to reduce the amount of waste to landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting.
  • Better choice – Smart and easy for the residents of Aotea / Great Barrier Island to use.

How the new services will work

  1. Changes to weekly roadside rubbish collection service – use either official council rubbish bags or a 120-litre wheelie bin.
  2. Roadside rubbish must be placed in either the official council rubbish bags or a wheelie bin as from 5 August 2019 in order for rubbish to be collected.
  3. Bring your bag or bin to the roadside* by 8 am on your collection day (Monday).
  4. Aotea Contractors will collect your rubbish bag or empty your wheelie bin each week on collection day.
  5. Gate fees will now apply to waste dropped off at the Claris Landfill.  Official council rubbish bags can be dropped off at no extra charge.
  6. Drop-off points around the island will close on 30 June 2019.
  7. A new Community Recycling Centre, operated by Envirokiwi Community Enterprise, will open at the Claris Landfill site from 1 July 2019.

*If you do not live on a serviced road, use your nearest consolidation point. You can drop off your bag/bin to this point, but you will need to collect your bin again at the end of the collection day.

Roadside recycling services remain unchanged.  Please continue to sort your plastic, glass, aluminium, and tins into your two, 60-litre yellow recycling crates. They’ll still be emptied every week on your usual collection day (Monday), along with your rubbish bag or wheelie bin.