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Inorganic Service for units and apartments

How to use the inorganic service

Apartments - your inorganic collection service

Auckland Council now offers a yearly, inorganic collection for multi-unit developments such as gated communities, retirement villages, units and apartments.

If your multi-unit development accepts this service you can put up to 1 cubic metre (about the same as one small trailer load) of accepted items per unit or apartment. The service is rates funded, there is no additional charge to households or body corporates. Use of the service is subject to full terms and conditions, which are available here

How to use the inorganic service

Units that wish to use the service need to make a booking. Alternately, if most of the households in a multi-unit development wish to participate in the collection, Building Managers or Body Corporates can request a bulk booking of all units by emailing details (rateable address and contact details) of their complex to

Households within multi-unit developments should consult with their Building Manager or Body Corporate to confirm arrangements for placement of items and collection dates. Collection dates for each rateable unit can be searched here.The collection contractor may wish to contact the Building Manager or Body Corporate in advance to make arrangement for a safe and efficient collection of items.

Getting your inorganic right

Each unit can put out about a small trailer load per rateable unit of accepted items for collection.

Items must be able to be lifted by two people – please do not put out anything heavier than 55 kgs.

Your Building Manager or Body Corporate will inform you how, where and when to place items out for collection.

Please do not leave items at the kerbside as we will not collect them – this is considered illegal dumping and can lead to fines of up to $400.

You are responsible for correctly disposing of any items the collectors do not take from your property.