Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

What you can put out


  • Large appliances – fridges, freezers, washing machines and ovens
  • Small appliances – kettles, irons and vacuum cleaners
  • Furniture – beds, couches, chairs, kitchen items and ornaments
  • Sporting items – gym equipment, bicycles and toys
  • Renovation equipment – carpet, timber (nails and/or other sharp items attached to timber must either be removed or flattened), tools, fixtures and fittings, bathroom-ware (excluding toilet bowls)
  • Outdoors items – lawnmowers, barbecues, garden tools and outdoor furniture (does not include any concrete items)
  • Electronics – TVs, computers, phones and DVD players.

Not accepted

  • Bags of rubbish (including items contained in Flexi-bags)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Polystyrene
  • Garden waste – grass clippings, tree and hedge trimmings
  • Automotive and boating items – of any kind (e.g: tyres, parts, seats, engines, car audio systems)
  • Building and trade waste – plaster board, rubble, tiles, concrete and bricks
  • Any type of concrete, porcelain or ceramic items (e.g: planter pots, umbrella bases, paving stones, toilet bowls)
  • Glass – of any kind
  • Clothing – of any kind
  • Liquids – oil, petrol, paint and chemicals
  • Hazardous waste – poisons, batteries and medical waste
  • Asbestos – Fibrolite, floor coverings (made of asbestos), lagging and ceiling coating
  • Gas cylinders – CNG or LPG containers
  • Weapons – of any kind (e.g: swords, guns)

For information about how to dispose of items we don't collect, see transfer stations or our recycling search.