Make the most of waste by the Auckland Council

What happens to collected items?

Reusable or repairable items recovered from inorganic collections are currently provided to local community recycling centres, as well as charities who can register to receive items.

During the next 10 years, we are developing a network of community recycling centres so people can drop off unwanted goods at any time of the year.

Resources recovered from inorganic collections will provide materials to those centres, as well as charities. Collecting items from on-property will also ensure materials are intact and reusable.

We expect that the centres will become community destinations for reusing, recycling and refurbishing items, and offer business and job opportunities for local people.

Find your nearest community recycling centre here or visit them on Facebook below.

The Helensville Community Recycling Centre

If you’re a community recycler, an op shop, a demolition yard or someone who uses reusable materials in your activities, you may be able to sign up to receive collected items. If you’re not usually involved in resource recovery but you’ve got a one-off project that could do with some free reusable materials (like a school building project, a community gardening project or fundraising jumble sale) then it’s worth getting in touch. Contact the Community Recycling Network for more details.