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Auckland Council’s summer waste barge service returns to Waiheke

Published: Friday 13 December 2019

Auckland Council’s summer waste barge service is returning to Waiheke Island to help boaties dispose of their waste and keep Auckland's Waitematā Harbour beautiful.

With the influx of people to the Hauraki Gulf islands over summer, the council encourages day visitors coming by boat or ferry to ‘pack in and pack out’ and take their waste with them when they go.

“If people are visiting one of the islands for a day, we’re asking people to take their waste home with them and dispose of it responsibly, in their rubbish or recycling bins,” says Parul Sood, General Manager Waste Solutions.

“For those away for longer periods, the Waiheke Island summer waste barge service is there to support leisure boat users to effectively manage their waste while out on the water.”

The barge will be moored at Man O’ War Bay, Waiheke Island, from Friday, 20 December 2019 to Friday, 7 February 2020, and will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays.  See map below:

2019 Waiheke Island Summer Barge Map

Boaties are actively encouraged to use the facility or to take their waste home with them.  The barge accepts general household waste and recyclables. No commercial waste, inorganic/bulky items, or hazardous waste will be accepted.

The barge is set up with 240-litre wheelie bins - some are assigned for general waste, others for recyclable materials. The clearly marked bins are designed to be clean, watertight, and will effectively contain all refuse and recycling, as well as any odours that may occur in the heat of summer. The bulwarks of the barge are also designed to contain any waste that may escape from the wheelie bins.

Boaties can tie up to the barge or row out and safely secure their vessels alongside the refuse barge.

How to use the summer waste barge

  • Pre-sort your waste into rubbish and recyclable materials before you arrive at the barge.
  • Place all items in the appropriate marked wheelie bins – general waste or recycling.
  • Recyclable materials wheelie bins have a green body and yellow lid.
  • Please do not leave rubbish bags or loose items on the deck of the barge. Ensure all rubbish bags are placed in the general waste bins.
  • Recycle as much as you can: glass bottles and jars, aluminium cans/empty aerosols, steel and tin cans, plastics labelled 1-7, paper and cardboard, and Tetra Pak cartons (milk and juice).
  • Remember to rinse all containers and leave the lids on all bottles and containers.  Containers should be no larger than 4 litres.
  • A good rule of thumb to follow is that you can recycle most packaging containers from your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

For information about the summer waste services available to visitors and boaties on Aotea / Great Barrier Island, check out this story on OurAuckland.

Clean Below?  Good to go

Auckland Council is also encouraging boaties to ensure their boats have clean hulls before visiting the islands in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.  If boat owners clean their hulls while moored around the islands, there is the potential to dislodge and spread both contaminants, such as heavy metals, and marine pests.  These pose major risks to the Gulf's pristine marine environment. 

Clean below good to go marine pests.jpg