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Howick Residents Hazardous Household Waste Collection

Published: Wednesday 7 August 2019

Auckland Council are holding a free Hazardous Household Waste drop off event for Howick residents. If you have any hazardous household waste sitting unused in sheds or cupboards around your property, now is your chance to get rid of it for free.

This free collection is strictly limited to 330 Howick residents and will take place on one day only, Sunday 8 September. 

Book now at or call us on 0508 CHEMICAL (0508 243 642)

Once registered, you will receive confirmation and details of the drop-off location and set time. 

Howick Flyer

What is acceptable at the event

Household Waste

Garden Chemicals

Automotive Waste

Pool Chemicals








Brake fluid



Motor oil



What we will NOT accept


Disposal option



Contact an asbestos specialist (use online search engine or check Yellow Pages).


Cooking oil

Seal in a plastic container, place in your council rubbish bin or bag. For non-domestic volumes, please contact a cooking oil collection service.


Electronic waste

Take to a local e-waste service provider.

E-waste providers

Explosives or Ammunition

Contact your local police station.



Share unwanted fertiliser (if not expired) or check if landfill will accept it.


Light bulbs

Take to a local recycler or disposal service.




LPG gas cylinders

Take to National Gas Ltd.


Mobile phones

RE:MOBILE Recycling Programme – free take back at 2degrees, Spark or Vodafone retail stores & kiosks nationwide or send by post.



Resene PaintWise - Recycling and recovery of paint and paint packaging. Check acceptance list for paint types. Resene brands are free, other brands cost 25c per litre.

Resene PaintWise


Take to local pharmacy for appropriate disposal through the DHB provided D.U.M.P (Dispose of Unwanted Medicines Properly) programme.


Frequently Asked questions

What will it cost?  This is a free event, however we do have funding limits, so registrations will be accepted on a ‘first in, first served’ basis.

Does registering automatically mean my hazardous waste disposal is confirmed?  If you book after the funding limit has been reached, we will advise you that your waste cannot be accepted at this event.  We will provide your details to Auckland Council so they can plan for future events should funding allow.  Your registration would receive priority for any future event. 

What can I bring in?  Please check the table above for what can and can’t be accepted.  If you are unsure, please call us on 0508 CHEMICAL (0508 243 642).

What will happen if I bring additional items that weren’t registered or were not on the acceptance list?  We have the right to refuse to take additional items or items that do not meet the acceptance criteria.

I don’t know what’s in the container.  Please include it under one of the categories (it doesn’t matter which category) however the contractor, 3R Group Ltd, has the right to refuse it after inspection.

Are these materials harmful to me and how should I transport them?  Many chemicals in your house and garage are harmful if used, stored or disposed of incorrectly.  This can cause harm to people, animals, land and the environment.  For this reason, the council is funding this free household hazardous waste event.  Please ensure your waste is stored carefully, out of reach of children and animals.  We recommended you transport items in a bunded container (ie. one that won’t leak if the chemicals spill) and in the boot of the car, rather than inside the car where possible.  If you are in doubt whether the items should be transported, please call us on 0508 CHEMICAL (0508 243 642).

Why don’t you take all items?  Many potentially hazardous items already have recycling or recovery outlets in your area and these items should be directed through those services.  This reduces the burden of hazardous waste disposal on the council and therefore the ratepayer.  Please refer to Auckland Council for more information about where to take waste that is not accepted at this event.

Is this event just for householders?  Yes.  Businesses, farmers, growers, contractors and other organisations should contact ChemCollect for a commercial chemical collection and disposal service as this is not covered by this council-funded event.

Do I have to register before the event?  Yes, you must register first as funding is limited.

Where will the event be held? The event will be held on Sunday 8 September. You will be advised of the event location on confirmation of your registration – this is to stop those who have not registered from turning up at the event.

What time will the event be held?  We will send you a confirmation letter specifying your allocated time slot.  If you can’t make the allocated time, please call us on 0508 CHEMICAL (0508 243 642).

Do I have to bring my confirmation letter with me?  No, we will have a list of all those who registered and how much waste they registered.

I can’t bring my waste in on the specified date.  You can ask someone else to bring it for you as long as you have received a confirmed registration, and the person bringing it knows what name it was registered under.  If that’s not possible, let us know you can’t attend and we will hold your booking for the next hazardous waste event.

I haven’t got a car. Can you collect from my house?  Unfortunately, we can’t collect direct from your house for this event.  If you have received a confirmed registration, you could ask someone else to bring it for you, as long as the person bringing it knows what name it was registered under.  If that’s not possible, you could contact ChemCollect to do a private collection from your property but there will be a cost.

My neighbour wants me to bring in chemicals for them.  Is this ok?  That’s fine as long as they are registered, they have received a confirmation and you know what name they were registered under.

When is the next event? The council may decide to hold future events should funding allow.  They will advertise any future events to the public.

I missed out on this event, but I urgently need my waste disposed of. What can I do?  If you need an urgent collection, you can contact ChemCollect for a private collection from your property but there will be a cost.

What happens to the waste I bring in?  Waste is transported, stored, aggregated and disposed of according to New Zealand regulations.  This is organised by the contractor, 3R Group Ltd.